I just got my son to bed and my husband went off to bed. I don’t want to sleep yet, so why not write a bit? I think I may have found my new addiction… I haven’t had a vice or something to really get into and enjoy thoroughly since I did my free trial of Ancestry! HA. And no that was NOT an advertisement. I honestly loved researching my family history and I found out some things I did not know anything about. It was like putting pieces of a puzzle together about myself and why I like and do certain things. It was very interesting. I found out that my great grandma was listed on the Dawes Roll as being full Cherokee by blood. I had no idea she was of Native ancestry at all! I knew her name, that is the only information I ever knew about her. I think she had a volatile relationship with my grandma’s father and they both abandoned her with family at one point, so my grandma really didn’t care for either of her parents and never talked about them. My Aunt said she never wanted to talk about them, so I guess the kids didn’t really push the issue to learn about their family history. So I start looking into my great grandmother’s family and I see these strange names that look Asian. I looked further into it and found out they were Indian names (pardon my non-PC name but I find the term Native to be odd for me to say). I was surprised our connection was so close because normally when someone thinks they have Indian ancestry it is pretty far back in their family tree or just a myth or rumor. Nope, not mine. I found that we have both Shawnee and Cherokee ancestry and are descendents of Chief Cornstalk, which was pretty shocking to me. I found that Indian men had multiple wives and the family tree can get pretty confusing! So finally I found out why people always thought I looked ethnic and always commented on my hair and were fascinated with how long and thick and pretty it was and asked me if I had Indian in me. I honestly didn’t know. I’m proud of that. I can’t believe they had to hide it in the past! That’s so sad! I have a very rich heritage full of various ethnic groups and I don’t hide that. You would think with it being 2017 this country would be past all that nonsense, but unfortunately things seem to be going in reverse in some ways. Well, just know that I am accepting of everyone and you won’t hear me spewing any hateful things or nasty judgements on this blog.