Ok so my hubby’s parents are weird. His mother was like Norman Bates’ mother when we met and she still has those evil tendencies. I can’t even explain her level of crazy. If we wouldn’t have had a child together I would’ve ran away and said sorry I’m not dealing with that. So I guess she was used to girls screwing him over and thought everyone was after “his money”. Um mommy dearest, if I had wanted a guy for his money I wouldn’t have picked a blue collar good ole boy who is temporarily riding on the gas extracting bandwagon, I would’ve shot for a more upper class kinda guy or foreign prince you know the ones with real money.. I have fought that assumption because we were just friends and I ended up getting pregnant and he was man enough to want to support his child and his baby momma and not leave us in the dust and abandon us. It was not intentional, it was not my plan, it was not some conspiracy to take advantage of him. I kinda did love him..we were just both too stubborn to admit it so fate intervened and did it for us. Two infertile 30 somethings were sent a baby to raise together. I’m good to my hubby, I have been from the beginning. No our relationship was not ideal or by the book and nothing happened in order like the song..but we are still together over 3 years later and we haven’t killed each other yet and his mother finally eased up on the psycho behavior about a year ago. Well I had to blow up on her a couple times unfortunately but she got the message I think. I think she just gets miserable and is one of those people who thrives on stirring up the hornets nest and being argumentive and judgemental because she’s bored. She has some kind of jealous preoccupation with stay at home moms and wives like we just spend money like air and go shopping every day and enjoy working our poor husband’s to death while we sit back and watch..ummm noooo. I do it all at home while he’s out at his job sometimes 15 hours or more a day and I’m juggling the lives of 3 of us and everything that goes along with the upkeep of our daily lives and he doesn’t have to lift a finger here at home. I’m definitely not out getting my hair and nails done and doing frivolous things with his money and acting like some gold digging hussy like she’s always pictured in the back of her mind. She started back to church and that did help her attitude. I noticed she wasn’t nearly as hateful and bitchy since she had other people to feed on and gossip about..you know what the funny part of this story is? I was absolutely in love with this guy 5 years ago and planned on moving away with him and getting married and having kids. The only catch was he had an overbearing, over protective mother who basically worshipped him and their religion required her to pretty much interview his potential bride and he told me she rejected a girl when he was younger and it devastated him. Ok, I’m definitely going to be rejected because of my past mistakes after my divorce. Plus I was not a religious person, strike two. It was so unfair though because we were crazy about each other like the passionate movie romances you see. But to make a long story short, as painful as it was I ended it because for one he had a really crazy job at the time and he was more loyal to his “brothers” at that job than anything or anyone else so he ended up partying with them instead of spending time with me before he left for training for work plus I knew I would never measure up to his mother’s standards..so what happened? I ended up with a mil who was probably comparable to the one I thought I dodged the bullet from. So my advice is don’t take the easy way out because it will come back and haunt you. Life will teach you the same lesson until you learn it, really learn it…that is true.