Ok, you know what pisses me off? When people assume things and judge you without even knowing anything about you. I was grocery shopping with my toddler in tow and this 50 something man was helping his older mother grocery shop and he gives me this contemptuous look like he was judging me and thought I got food stamps or something..I could tell by the way he looked at us. First of all, let me tell you about that bullshit judgement. Don’t you dare judge people for that, they aren’t always lazy welfare moochers who sit around on their fat asses and get money for not working or lying about “disabilities” that they supposedly have. Some of these people have worked hard their whole lives and have just fallen on hard times, maybe they’ve gotten sick and couldn’t work for a little while or some major life event happened that made it tough for them to make it. So they had to give in and swallow their pride and go get some help. Anyway, no I do not get food stamps now, but I have before like when I made a bad decision during a tough time in my life and had unprotected sex and ended up pregnant and was not working enough hours at the time to be able to make it and pay for prenatal care and properly feed my child in the womb. That was an unfortunate event and I had worked my ass off since I was 17, so no I didn’t really feel bad about having to get them at that time. But no one should have to feel ashamed of that anyway and it highly annoys me that there are bitter miserable people who do give people those shitty looks and judge them if they are buying more than a few days worth of groceries or if they don’t look like a beauty queen when they go to the grocery store.. Sorry if any of you don’t like my potty mouth, but that’s me so ya might want to go elsewhere if you can’t handle it. I made sure I spoke up and talked out loud and said that guy must have thought we got food stamps, but no he’s wrong my husband works his ass off for everything we buy. I didn’t care if anyone heard me. I’m at that point in my life where I’m tired of other people’s judgements and assumptions and they can kiss my ass. That is all.